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Bees....in the City?

I first became interested in keeping bees while driving and listening to a talk radio program about the decrease in honey bees. What I found interesting is that it was explained that honey produced locally helps with allergies. Prior to keeping a hive, ...

The Birth of MJD Apiary - Beekeeping in the City

Enter my garden keeping co-worker. She heard of my hobby and explained how she wanted to keep a hive in her garden to help her flowers, although, she did not want to become an actual beekeeper. She suggested that I could put a hive in her garden. The ...

What Does MJD Apiary Offer?

My Areas Of Expertise

My Areas Of Expertise

Local Raw Honey

Raw honey contains all the pollen, enzymes and other micronutrients that are usually …
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Urban Beekeeping

The idea of urban beekeeping is becoming very popular and beekeeping in urban areas can …
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Native Bee Relocation

PROBLEM:​ These bees are solitary but live in community groups. The bees that nest in …
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Honeybee Removals

Extracting honey bees from buildings is considerably more difficult than collecting …
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Wasp Extermination / Wasp Removal

Wasps, hornets and yellow jackets can display aggressive behavior, so it is best to …
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Hotels and Restaurants

Honeybees, Restaurants and Hotels A taste of local flavor Did you know that since 2020 …
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Honey, Dark Chocolates and Beeswax Products (Lip Balms and BathBombs)

Raw Honey - Different Floral Sources Produce Different Honey Flavors

Raw Honey - Different Floral Sources Produce Different Honey Flavors

Wildflower Honey

Wildflower Honey - Wildflower hone y is made at different …
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From $15.00

Creamed Honey

New addition to the website... Creamed Honey is here! …
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$15.008 Ounces

Rum Barrel Aged Honey

100% Raw Natural Honey Aged for months in a White Oak Rum …
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$18.008 Ounces

Cranberry Blossom Honey

Cranberry honey is a honey made predominantly from the …
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$15.00Half Pound Jar

Clover Honey

Clover honey is light colored tending toward light amber …
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From $15.00Half Pound

Buckwheat Honey

They say the Darkness has a beauty that no one denies. It …
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From $18.00Hexagonal Jar

Happy Clients

Heaven Harms
The cranberry blossom and the clover honey are both very different but delicious. The clover honey has especially been a wonderful addition to my...  Read more
Apr 15, 2024
Reilly Ruechel
Delicious local honey! 
Feb 23, 2024



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